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Bogong 2 Hotham

Bogong to Hotham - Entries Open

Andy Hewat will be opening entries for Bogong to Hotham – The Rooftop Run – one of the toughest and most rewarding races on the calendar, on Friday 7th September at 6am. While there has been plenty of interest I do not expect the race to sell out instantly as has become the practice at other events. B2H is an advanced ultra so there are less people eligible to enter. However, I cannot guarantee this as other races have been caught by surprise due to the incredible growth in trail running participation, so I suggest you still try to enter early to avoid disappointment. Read more
You Yangs Trail Running Festival

You Yangs 2012 - Entries Open

Trails+ will open registrations for this years You Yangs event on Saturday the 9th June.

The You Yangs 50/50 Trail Running Festival Enters its 4th Year. As an event created to introduce all levels of runner to trails it has grown to be a very popular first timers course. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of how it might be just a walk in the park as even the shortest distance can test you With options now ranging from 10km, 15km, 30km 50km and for the serious ultra fanatics 80km. Read more
Mt Macedon Trail Runs 2012 male winners

Mt Macedon Trail Runs 2012 - Report

The second running of the Mt Macedon Trail Run, organised by Trails+, was run this Sunday the 3rd of June 2012. This year we saw the introduction of a shorter distance, to encourage those new to trail running.

Unlike last year, the weather was with us when we woke up to a misty mountain. Read more

Maroondah Dam Trail Runs 50KM 2012 - Report

So you think it is normal progress to ‘up the ante’ after having completed the last year’s 30 kilometer version of this race (30km report 2011) by signing up for the 50 kilometer version? In theory you would be correct, unless of course we are talking about the Maroondah Dam Trail Run, organized by Trails+. Read more

Marysville Ultra Marathon Festival 2011 - Report

This is my third running of the Marysville Marathon Festival, and without any doubt the best and most memorable race yet. On the previous two races I competed (if I may call it that) in the half marathons, but year I decided it was time for the Ultra (50 kilometer, well 51 and a bit according to the Garmin). So why the most memorable running so far?

Easy. This year the weather made for an absolute spectacle. True to Melbourne tradition the weather had it’s own saying this weekend, by ensuring to dump the area with a splashy 100mm of rain on the Saturday before the race. The result, I am sure you can imagine, were super duper muddy trails! Read more

A day on the trails : GOW100 2011

I was too late with registering for this years 3rd time running of the GOW100 Trail Run. But since this run is held at one of Victoria’s most stunning national parks I came down to volunteer and to try to capture the action on ‘film’. The images below I hope gives you an idea of what it takes to run a 100 kilometers ultra marathon over muddy trails. Walkers, so we were told by Parks Victoria, normally take 8 days to complete the full Great Ocean Walk! It is tough to do it in a single day, but it provides the runners the opportunity to see some of Australia’s best. Many places you can only reach on foot. Read more

Mt Macedon Trail Runs - 2011 - Report

This night we camped in a little motel in Macedon, at the foot of the hills, and were more than a bit surprised to find the car in the dark early morning with the windscreens frozen over. I can’t remember having seen that for a long time, other than back in Europe. Frozen windscreens? We scratched the ice of the screen, and I started wondering how cold it was going to be on top of Mt Macedon. One thing for sure, it wasn’t going to be any warmer!! Read more

Razorback Run 38KM (Not the Prom Run) - 2011 - Report

Event Razorkback Run 38km (Not the Prom Run)
Date 30 April 2011
Distance 38 / 58 / 64 km
Location Harrietville, Victoria, Australia
Weather Sunny, 10 DegreesĀ Celsius
Site Razorback Run 2011 – Site
GPX Razorkback Run 38km

Read more

Maroondah Dam Trail Runs 2011

Event Maroondah Dam Trail Run 2011
Date 20 February 2011
Distance 30 & 50km
Location Healesville, Victoria, Australia
Weather Cloudy, 17 DegreesĀ Celsius
Site Maroondah Dam Trail Run 2011 – Site
GPX Maroondah Dam Trail Run 30K
Read more

Floods in the Dandenong Ranges

Of course I have heard the rain going crazy all night long, but little did I realize how much water came down from the sky. In fact, in the 10 years since I have been living in the Dandenongs, I have never seen much more than a trickle of water flowing over our trails.

Today made an end to that elusive status. And boy, in what an exuberant fashion! The first realization that there was a little bit too much water coming down for the trails to handle, became clear when I reached the Hall Track section in Sherbrooke Forest (just opposite from Cooks Corner). Running around in my wet vibrams, and enjoying the soft going, soon turned in a bit of an onslaught, as the water level quickly rose to at least 20 centimeters of water. And flowing! And flowing fast! Read more
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