Mt Macedon Trail Runs 2012 male winners

Mt Macedon Trail Runs 2012 - Report

The second running of the Mt Macedon Trail Run, organised by Trails+, was run this Sunday the 3rd of June 2012. This year we saw the introduction of a shorter distance, to encourage those new to trail running.

Unlike last year, the weather was with us when we woke up to a misty mountain. Read more

Mt Macedon Trail Runs 2012 - Gallery

Photos of the Mt Macedon Trail Runs organised by Trails+. Runners have the option to complete a 10km, 30km or 50km run through the Mt Macedon ranges. All runs are held on technical trail, with the 50 km runners challenged by a total of 4.000 meters ascend. Many thanks to Brett Saxon, family, friends and volunteers for putting up this great trail run.

Photos were taken at several locations along the trail, including at The Start, The Pines, The Tunnels and of course The Finish. Photos are in order of time, so I hope you know your splits!

My thanks go to photographers Gilda and new recruit Aaron for taking the time and snap us on the trail. These are long days in the cold!

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Keep running. Erwin