Running Form

So who said running was easy? It was on my run this evening home from work, that I got in the zone and mentally cycled through all those checks to improve my running form. And then I though, yeee, that is actually quite a list. Remember that day you put on your shoes, and just went for a run..?

Anyway I thought you might be interested in my running check-list. Remember, I am a fanatic Vibram runner, so my list is oriented towards running with minimalist shoes, mid-foot running, and so on.

I also though about the importance of certain ‘checks’ but in the end they are all important (at least to me), so here is the list in no particular order:

[dcs_ol bg="false" type="decimal"] Relax. It is funny that, especially when we want to run fast, we tend to start to strain every muscle we have, specifically the ones around the chest and shoulders. Breath out and relax. You can get real shoulder cramps when running like a puffed up balloon.

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