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March 5, 20126 years ago

Mount Macedon Trail Run 2012 - Registrations Opened

The registrations for the Mount Macedon Trail Run 2012 have opened today at 7:30. Read more

Trail and Error: Couch to 100k

Sammy (running buddy in this years Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne) wasn’t always an ultramarathon runner. He was overweight, a smoker and unfit. Witness his battle against blisters, chafing and nipple-rub as he takes you on his ultramarathon from flab to fitness. Read more
January 10, 20126 years ago

Maroondah Dam Trail Run - Registrations Open

The registrations for the Maroondah Dam Trail Run 2012 have opened this Tuesday. Read more
January 2, 20126 years ago

New Trail Run - Roller Coaster Run (Dandenongs)

Experience the sunrise illuminating Melbourne from an elevated viewpoint. Have a beautiful run on the western front of the Dandenongs. Follow it up by some quality cheering/heckling time as you eat brunch, overlooking other finishers and the course. 23 kilometres and 46 kilometres trail runs, starting and finishing at SkyHigh. Read more
October 23, 20116 years ago

Oxfam Trailwalker 2012 is go!

Today was the very first training run of our new, still to be named Oxfam Trailwalker 2012 teams. This morning we did meet at the Olinda Reserve (CP4) for a leisurely run to CP5-ish and back. Along for the ride we had Sammy (red), organizing the two teams we plan to get ready for the race, Mat (making the photo) and Nicki (white) who are both keen on running the Oxfam for the first time, and Eliza (black), who is (yet) not running the Oxfam. Read more
February 5, 20117 years ago

Floods in the Dandenong Ranges

Of course I have heard the rain going crazy all night long, but little did I realize how much water came down from the sky. In fact, in the 10 years since I have been living in the Dandenongs, I have never seen much more than a trickle of water flowing over our trails.

Today made an end to that elusive status. And boy, in what an exuberant fashion! The first realization that there was a little bit too much water coming down for the trails to handle, became clear when I reached the Hall Track section in Sherbrooke Forest (just opposite from Cooks Corner). Running around in my wet vibrams, and enjoying the soft going, soon turned in a bit of an onslaught, as the water level quickly rose to at least 20 centimeters of water. And flowing! And flowing fast! Read more
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