Ultra running for beginners

Forget television tonight.

Michael Arnstein, an experienced ultra runner of 20 year, with many titles to his name talks for well over an hour about the principles required to successfully develop in the extreme sport of ultra running. The presentation is targeted for those starting out in the sport of ultra running, but there is plenty food for thought for those that have been around for a while. Read more

Roller Coaster Run 2012 Preview

Rohan Day, race director of the infamous Two Bays Trail Run has added a new event to the trail running agenda with the Roller Coaster Run. Set in Mount Dandenong, this race promises to become another hit with the ultra community and those that indeed are bored with bitumen. Read more
October 5, 20116 years ago

Run with a Beat - 180 BPM

One way to practice running with a consistent cadence (or pace) is to use a metronome. But really, who can stand the monotonic ticking of such device? A much more pleasant way to run with a beat is to listen to music. Unfortunately simply listening to your best songs will likely have your cadence changed every 5 minutes or so. What you are looking for is music that last long enough and has a consistent beat to it.

So far I have been able to find sources that provide regular mixes, lasting around one hour in general, and stick to a single bpm. This post is all about long lasting running mixes at a consistent beat of 180 BPM. Below you can have a quick listen to the mixes, and if you like them follow the link for downloading from the original source. Read more

New Balance MT10 Minimus Trail Shoe Review

I have found the right shoe that I am happy with to take for long distance runs on smoother trails and forest (Adam Altra)”. However, to tackle the roughest of the roughest (read rock, and sharp pointy large gravel) I must have something that protects the feet just that bit more. There are people who say that any surface can be tackled with minimalist shoes, or even barefoot, and they might be correct, but after 50km of roughing it on a trail, your feet are starting to transmit a different story to the brain. At least in my case. Read more

Altra Adams Minimalist Running Shoe - Review

It is an interesting thing. I have been running for almost four years, and since the very first day I have been looking for a pair of shoes that I can put on and then forget about. You know, concentrate on your running and not be bothered by pressures or pains coming from the shoes you are wearing. Sounds easy enough right? Read more
July 2, 20116 years ago

What to bring for marathon race day

Today is the rest day before the Gold Coast marathon. Looking at te waves roll in from our hotel, waiting for the race to get under way, I went once more through my checklist to see if I have everything I needed for tomorrow. I am sure you have your checklist too, so I thought why not get mine out there so I have don’t have to worry about forgetting anything next time around.

So here is my list of things I consider to take with me:

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June 19, 20117 years ago

Running Form

So who said running was easy? It was on my run this evening home from work, that I got in the zone and mentally cycled through all those checks to improve my running form. And then I though, yeee, that is actually quite a list. Remember that day you put on your shoes, and just went for a run..?

Anyway I thought you might be interested in my running check-list. Remember, I am a fanatic Vibram runner, so my list is oriented towards running with minimalist shoes, mid-foot running, and so on.

I also though about the importance of certain ‘checks’ but in the end they are all important (at least to me), so here is the list in no particular order:

[dcs_ol bg="false" type="decimal"] Relax. It is funny that, especially when we want to run fast, we tend to start to strain every muscle we have, specifically the ones around the chest and shoulders. Breath out and relax. You can get real shoulder cramps when running like a puffed up balloon.

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June 12, 20117 years ago

Home made gel for endurance runners

As a runner you should think about your nutrition before, during and after your run. It is what you eat during your run what will help you over the line for runs lasting over 2 hours. For shorter runs you don’t have to worry much about your eating as your body, assuming your fit, has enough energy stored in your muscles to get you through.

It is for the longer runs that nutrition becomes an important aspect. The slower ultra runner has the benefit that his body is under much lesser stress than for instance the marathon runner, allowing him to eat real solid foods during his exercise. A luxury that the marathon runner most likely can’t cope with. Still, many ultra runners can’t stand solid foods after having been on the road for many hours, and just like the marathon runner, prefers to switch to the optimum carbohydrate solution – Gels! Read more
March 1, 20117 years ago

Selecting your FiveFingers

So how do you go about selecting the right pair of Vibram FiveFingers for your trail running?

You could do as me, and buy and try every type there is on the market, but that will turn out to be an expensive exercise very quickly as a single pare of Vibrams go for around the $200 in Australia. Hardly the kind of money that allows you to experiment on the cheap.

But don’t worry, I have done exactly that. I am the proud owner of many types and flavours of FiveFingers. Some of them still as good as new, and others run down to the last thread. It is this last pair you likely want to go for, attempting our local trails. But let’s start at the beginning.

Which Vibrams are available for you to choose from, considering we will be using them for trail running: Read more