Bogong 2 Hotham

Bogong to Hotham - Entries Open

Andy Hewat will be opening entries for Bogong to Hotham – The Rooftop Run – one of the toughest and most rewarding races on the calendar, on Friday 7th September at 6am. While there has been plenty of interest I do not expect the race to sell out instantly as has become the practice at other events. B2H is an advanced ultra so there are less people eligible to enter. However, I cannot guarantee this as other races have been caught by surprise due to the incredible growth in trail running participation, so I suggest you still try to enter early to avoid disappointment.

To see photos from last year event, and get an impression of what you are up to, please visit the 2012 gallery.

There is little change from last year where we returned to the single start and I tightened entry requirements and the cut-offs. This will exclude some runners from potentially entering and undoubtedly cause more runners not to finish. While this might seem a little harsh it has been necessary to improve the safety of both runners and volunteers by reducing the time that everyone will be out on the mountain. I make no apologies. A B2H finish is a prized accomplishment and these changes have made it a little bit harder to achieve and a little bit sweeter for those that can get there.

So, I have retained the traditional single start. This will be at first light to avoid the need for headlights. It also retains the more pure race format: you will know where you are in the field at any given time. With the single start there will be a single cut-off of 6-hours at Langford Gap. As per last year (but we never made it that far), I have tightened the overall finish cut-off at Mt Hotham summit to 11.5-hours. Outside that is a DNF. This is generous enough for anyone capable of 6hrs at Langford but gives us a finite time to pack up on top of Mt Hotham.

Many runners have already submitted their previous experience for assessment. If you plan on entering but are not sure if you qualify then I suggest you email me to confirm your eligibility. As a rough rule of thumb you need to have run a trail ultra equating to a 6-hour 6 Foot Track or equivalent in the 12 months prior to the race. This is not a novice or entry level race. I do scrutinize the entries closely and I will reject anyone not suitable.

There will be 100 entries across both the classic Rooftop Run of 64km and the Langford 35km. If you enter the 64km and pull-out or miss the cut at the 35km it will be recorded as a DNF. No changing distance on the day. The radio operators rely heavily on the lists they are given before the race to monitor runners. We need these lists to be accurate.

Part of your entry fee is used to ensure a guaranteed donation to the Albury/Woodonga Amateur Radio Club (without whom there would be no race). There is a significant saving for being an AURA member as this is an AURA sanctioned race and could not happen without their backing. Please consider joining and enjoy not only the discounted entries across the calendar but their quarterly magazine and help support our representative body.

If you are not planning to run this year but would still like to be involved please consider volunteering on the day. For those that volunteered last year, provided you meet the entry criteria, I will contact you separately to facilitate a guaranteed entry.

I have updated the website and most of the information you will need is on Bogong 2 Hotham website

The mandatory gear is the same as last year but for previous runners make sure you are comfortable with entry requirements before entering. Rest assured, at the hint of bad weather it will be a ‘heavy kit’ race.

Last years race and cancelation highlighted the importance of safety back-ups. The Radio Operators went above and beyond to ensure runner safety. If you wish to make a donation that helps offset their infrastructure costs please do so during entry or registration. Please also ensure you have ambulance cover. If something goes wrong and you have to be evacuated it could cost thousands of dollars.

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