Mt Macedon Trail Runs 2012 male winners

Mt Macedon Trail Runs 2012 - Report

The second running of the Mt Macedon Trail Run, organised by Trails+, was run this Sunday the 3rd of June 2012. This year we saw the introduction of a shorter distance, to encourage those new to trail running.

Unlike last year, the weather was with us when we woke up to a misty mountain. But no rain, no wind, no ice, as I am sure we can all remember so well from last years race. This year the Mt Macedon Trail Run 50km was also the centre stage for the national championship, as a replacement for the cancelled 6ft track earlier this year. At the same time the event forms part of Victorian Trail Running Championships (Race 2).

Plenty of reason to gear up, stretch the legs and try the challenging trails of Mt Macedon. Have a look at the photos, and see how people are coping with conditions.

To get an idea of how touch this trail is have a look at the elevation chart below. Reading the blogs, many say that the last 20 kilometers are at least as hard as the first 30 kilometers. What makes it even harder, besides the fact that you have to go through the finish chute and return to the trail to do the next 20 km, is a massive climb from the very foot of Mt Macedon back to The Cross. A single climb of 470 meters. The total ascend for the day is 1.880 meters. Something to remember for those who are contemplation to do the 50km option next year.

Winners for the 30KM and 50KM are as follows:

Mt Macedon Trail Runs winners – Male 50KM

Place Name Time 1. Damon
1 Damon Goerke 5:29:41
2 Toby Wiadrowski 5:30:05
3 Kev Mannix 5:37:23

Mt Macedon Trail Runs winners – Female 50KM

Place Name Time 1. Isobel
1 Isobel Bespalov 6:15:01
2 Samantha Gash 6:47:24
3 Kellie Emmerson 7:02:12

Mt Macedon Trail Runs winners – Male 30KM

Place Name Time 1. Ross
1 Ross Kinsella 2:43:08
2 Simon Morcom 2:48:18
3 Aaron Grigg 2:52:01

Mt Macedon Trail Runs winners – Female 30KM

Place Name Time 1. Rebecca
1 Rebecca Rosel 3:09:44
2 Ang Geard 3:23:21
3 Anna Petrakos 3:28:49
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