Roller Coaster Run

Roller Coaster Run 2012 Preview

Rohan Day, race director of the infamous Two Bays Trail Run has added a new event to the trail running agenda with the Roller Coaster Run. Set in Mount Dandenong, this race promises to become another hit with the ultra community and those that indeed are bored with bitumen.

There are two distances scheduled for this race, with the ‘small’ option a single loop of circa 23 kilometers through the western side of the Dandenong Ranges. And for those that have the guts and the legs there is the ultra version, totaling on 46 kilometers by completing the same loop twice.

Now, don’t be fooled to think that this is an easy run. Mount Dandenong is my back yard, and I run here on a daily basis. But if I have it for a say I stay well clear of the western slopes. The reason is quite simple, it is steep out there. In fact, if you have a look at the 3D image posted above, I challenge you to find a single stretch that can be defined as flat! Exactly the reason why the race must have been called “The Roller Coaster”. No flats.

The race starts at the highest point (of course) from the SkyHigh Observatory (26 Observatory Road, Mount Dandenong, Melways Reference: 52 F12) and runs in a clockwise direction towards the Doongalla homestead site. From there it loops around and you will get a real taste of the steepness of this course when you hit Todds Road. You know when you are there, as with every step forward you seem to be going two backwards. Enjoy that one!

From there a ‘gentle’ down and back to homestead, to start the stretch back to the finish which is a pretty consistent up hill. For those brave enough, you are in luck. You can do it all over again, and I am certain that you will be saying to yourself “why did I sign up for the 46″!!

DandyRunner will be out in the field taking photos. Check back on our gallery after the race to see yourself work a sweat.

Happy running, and see you on the 28th of April.

Event Roller Coaster Run 2012 Preview
Date 28th April 2012
Distance 23 km & 46 km
Location Mt. Dandenong, Victoria, Australia
Site Roller Coaster official website Coolrunning site
GPX Roller Coaster 2012 23KM

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