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Ultra running for beginners

Forget television tonight.

Michael Arnstein, an experienced ultra runner of 20 year, with many titles to his name talks for well over an hour about the principles required to successfully develop in the extreme sport of ultra running. The presentation is targeted for those starting out in the sport of ultra running, but there is plenty food for thought for those that have been around for a while. Read more

Maroondah Dam Trail Runs 50KM 2012 - Report

So you think it is normal progress to ‘up the ante’ after having completed the last year’s 30 kilometer version of this race (30km report 2011) by signing up for the 50 kilometer version? In theory you would be correct, unless of course we are talking about the Maroondah Dam Trail Run, organized by Trails+. Read more

Trail and Error: Couch to 100k

Sammy (running buddy in this years Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne) wasn’t always an ultramarathon runner. He was overweight, a smoker and unfit. Witness his battle against blisters, chafing and nipple-rub as he takes you on his ultramarathon from flab to fitness. Read more
Roller Coaster Run

Roller Coaster Run 2012 Preview

Rohan Day, race director of the infamous Two Bays Trail Run has added a new event to the trail running agenda with the Roller Coaster Run. Set in Mount Dandenong, this race promises to become another hit with the ultra community and those that indeed are bored with bitumen. Read more