A day on the trails : GOW100 2011

I was too late with registering for this years 3rd time running of the GOW100 Trail Run. But since this run is held at one of Victoria’s most stunning national parks I came down to volunteer and to try to capture the action on ‘film’. The images below I hope gives you an idea of what it takes to run a 100 kilometers ultra marathon over muddy trails. Walkers, so we were told by Parks Victoria, normally take 8 days to complete the full Great Ocean Walk! It is tough to do it in a single day, but it provides the runners the opportunity to see some of Australia’s best. Many places you can only reach on foot.

Sunrise at Shelly Beach

It is a tough long road

Arriving at Aire River Check Point

Views from Moonlight Head

The road ahead is long and lonely

Running on the edge

The reward for a long day out. The GOW100 buckle

And unknown to many, there seemed to have been a jumping competition going on at the same time. Who is the winner? You be the judge.

The organization, crew, support and runners sheltering at the finish line

At the pointy end of the race the runners are few and far between. Wanting to capture most of them, means long waits. Here we are just before the Gable check point, where the weather started to turn nasty. I was glad I learned from a past Mount Macedon experience, to never leave home without preparing for all conditions. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and like to thank Andy Hewat (race director) for putting up this great event. I hope Parks Victoria will allow us to run this race for many years to come. If so, I might just be lucky next year around to find myself at the start line! Results for the Great Ocean Walk 100 Trail Run – 2011:
Place Name Time 1. Julian 2. Dave 3. Oliver
1 Julian Spence 9:58:04
2 Dave Eadie 10:46:48
3 Oliver Zambon 11:14:53

Place Name Time 1. Nikki 2. Bryony 3. Leslie
1 Nikki Wynd 12:09:11
2 Bryony McConnell 12:59:05
3 Leslie Gerein 13:44:21
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