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Oxfam Trailwalker 2012 is go!

Today was the very first training run of our new, still to be named Oxfam Trailwalker 2012 teams. This morning we did meet at the Olinda Reserve (CP4) for a leisurely run to CP5-ish and back. Along for the ride we had Sammy (red), organizing the two teams we plan to get ready for the race, Mat (making the photo) and Nicki (white) who are both keen on running the Oxfam for the first time, and Eliza (black), who is (yet) not running the Oxfam. Read more

A day on the trails : GOW100 2011

I was too late with registering for this years 3rd time running of the GOW100 Trail Run. But since this run is held at one of Victoria’s most stunning national parks I came down to volunteer and to try to capture the action on ‘film’. The images below I hope gives you an idea of what it takes to run a 100 kilometers ultra marathon over muddy trails. Walkers, so we were told by Parks Victoria, normally take 8 days to complete the full Great Ocean Walk! It is tough to do it in a single day, but it provides the runners the opportunity to see some of Australia’s best. Many places you can only reach on foot. Read more

Run with a Beat - 180 BPM

One way to practice running with a consistent cadence (or pace) is to use a metronome. But really, who can stand the monotonic ticking of such device? A much more pleasant way to run with a beat is to listen to music. Unfortunately simply listening to your best songs will likely have your cadence changed every 5 minutes or so. What you are looking for is music that last long enough and has a consistent beat to it.

So far I have been able to find sources that provide regular mixes, lasting around one hour in general, and stick to a single bpm. This post is all about long lasting running mixes at a consistent beat of 180 BPM. Below you can have a quick listen to the mixes, and if you like them follow the link for downloading from the original source. Read more