Distance(s) 25 KM (740 meters ascending)
Surface All trail, rocky gravel, medium technical

Fern Trees

Many things have changed in Marysville since Black Saturday. But one thing is still as good as ever, and these are the running trails that criss cross the country side. In fact I was surprised to discover how much effort has been made in improving, and even extending, the trails in the near vicinity of Marysville town.

Nature is quite special at the moment.There are patches were the trees have not yet recovered, and then there are patches where the first grow of the fern trees start the poke through the under growth. On a sunny day, you get some spectacular views of the surroundings.

There are two things you have to come prepared for, if you come out for a longer run. Number one: it is going to be hilly. Yes, you can take the main road and stay save, but if you want to see some spectacular country side, you have to take some of the less traveled routes, and they are generally going up! Number two: if you come on a sunny day, bring your sun screen, sunnies and probably a log sleeved shirt as the sun can be relentless, and there is no much shade in the forest (yet).

If you are done running, make sure you browse around in town and enjoy a coffee or a cool drink. It is a relaxed place to chill out.

Marysville, Lady Talbot Drive Loop – 25 Kilometers – 740 Meters Ascending – Difficult, technical

Marysville Loop – GPX Route

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