Lysterfield Park

Distance 10, 15 KM
Elevation 400 Meters
Surface All trail, small parts rocky

Lysterfield Park is located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, near Narre Warren. The park has something to offer for many many sports, including running, sailing, cycling, or simply a walk in the park followed by a BBQ.

I have been coming to the park for the last three years, but only found out about the very attractive cycling tracks available the other week. I have always been going around on the main loops that the park provides for walker, but to be honest there are limited walking tracks and as such the park was not the attractive to me.

But all of that has changed with the discovery of the cycle tracks! The cycling tracks form part of the Olympic 2000 mountain bike course, and they are snaking through some of the most spectacular parts of the park, not seen from the walking tracks. They are obviously highly technical, with the tracks snaking in all directions, steep curves, gravel, trees to navigate, etc. It is a real blizz.

If you do come out to Lysterfield Park, and do decide to take the cycling tracks, then note that officially we are not supposed to ‘walk’ the tracks. I suggest you turn the music off, and when you hear a cyclist approach, step aside and allow them to pass by. After all, this time they are sharing their teritory with us!

Lysterfield Park, Cycle Loop Long – 19 Kilometers – 337 Meters Elevation – Difficult, technical