What to bring for marathon race day

Today is the rest day before the Gold Coast marathon. Looking at te waves roll in from our hotel, waiting for the race to get under way, I went once more through my checklist to see if I have everything I needed for tomorrow. I am sure you have your checklist too, so I thought why not get mine out there so I have don’t have to worry about forgetting anything next time around.

So here is my list of things I consider to take with me:

[dcs_ol bg="false" type="decimal"] T-Shirt, make sure it is very light and airy, when in warm weather.

; Short, as short as I can find.

; Tights or compression shorts

; Socks. In my case injinja’s as they prevent blisters.

Shoes. Racing flats or Five Fingers

; Sunglasses

; Gps or running watch, heart rate monitor. Reset your activities, so it won’t fill during the race!

; IPod, shuffle or mp3 player, with high cadence tracks. Headset.

; Spybelt, for keys, paper money, and hook up the bib

; BIB!!! And the timing thingy.

; Sunscreen, of the sporty type that sticks when sweating.

; Gel

; Fuel belt

; Dates or something to snack

; Mobile phone if you have arranged for a pickup, or have friends waiting at the finish

; Cappy or visor

; Band aids. Very good ones are Band-Aid ‘Tough Strips’

; Charging cables for phone, gps and iDevice

; Old jumper, or other throw away clothing to keep warm at the start

; Clip your toenails

; Check out the start time, a day before the race

; Check out the road to the start line, a day before the race

; Put out the gear you need the night before the race

; Sleep well and long two nights before the race

; Don’t run and exercise the days leading into the race

; Have a “good fuel” breakfast 4 hours before the race, like muesli and orange juice

; Have a drink 1/2 hour before the race

; Have a gel 1/2 before the race

; Have a realistic race plan

; It’s time – have a go – smile – enjoy the race [/dcs_ol]

Let me know if you think I left anything out, that you couldn’t do without. 

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