Mt Macedon Trail Runs - 2011 - Report

This night we camped in a little motel in Macedon, at the foot of the hills, and were more than a bit surprised to find the car in the dark early morning with the windscreens frozen over. I can’t remember having seen that for a long time, other than back in Europe. Frozen windscreens? We scratched the ice of the screen, and I started wondering how cold it was going to be on top of Mt Macedon. One thing for sure, it wasn’t going to be any warmer!!

And true. Arriving at the picknick area, close to the memorial, we were received by traffic control – the poor buggers had to stand in the cold and brave the elements like you wouldn’t believe, and found ourselves on a large car-park set aside for the runners. Outside some people were milling about covered in layers and layers of warm jackets, that I didn’t bring with me. Hmmmm, interesting stuff. Do I need to leave the car, and get the race bib organized? There was no other way. End there is was. The freezing cold with a good old fashioned wind howling through the trees. Cold! Very cold indeed!!

Event Mt Macedon Trail Runs – 2011
Date 5th June 2011
Distance 30 km & 50 km
Location Mt. Macedon, Victoria, Australia
Weather Freezing cold at 5 degrees, and gale force winds
Site Trailsplus site Coolrunning site
GPX Mt Macedon Trail Runs 30KM

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