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Maroondah Dam Trail Runs 2011

Event Maroondah Dam Trail Run 2011
Date 20 February 2011
Distance 30 & 50km
Location Healesville, Victoria, Australia
Weather Cloudy, 17 DegreesĀ Celsius
Site Maroondah Dam Trail Run 2011 – Site
GPX Maroondah Dam Trail Run 30K
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Floods in the Dandenong Ranges

Of course I have heard the rain going crazy all night long, but little did I realize how much water came down from the sky. In fact, in the 10 years since I have been living in the Dandenongs, I have never seen much more than a trickle of water flowing over our trails.

Today made an end to that elusive status. And boy, in what an exuberant fashion! The first realization that there was a little bit too much water coming down for the trails to handle, became clear when I reached the Hall Track section in Sherbrooke Forest (just opposite from Cooks Corner). Running around in my wet vibrams, and enjoying the soft going, soon turned in a bit of an onslaught, as the water level quickly rose to at least 20 centimeters of water. And flowing! And flowing fast! Read more