Sherbrooke Forest West

Distance 5 KM
Elevation 400 Meters
Surface All trail, small parts rocky

The western section of Sherbrooke Forest is a popular place for runners. Come here on a Sunday morning, and you will find the car parks filling to capacity with cars that support sweaty bodies! Groups from all over Melbourne start her in the early hours of Sunday morning to have a decent workout on the trails of the Dandenong Ranges. You should have no problem hooking up with a group if you come by yourself.

I believe the reason why this part of the Dandenongs is so popular, is because it is relatively flat (compared to the many other tracks in the ranges) and because it is close to all the facilities you might need, including plenty of parking, toilets and drinking water. To top it of it has some of the softest trails in the area and has lots of wildlife on display (kookaburras, lyre birds, wallabies, echidnas, cockatoos, rosellas). Trail running paradise!

Sherbrooke Forest is an irregular pentagon in shape.   It is about 800 hectares in area and slopes from north to south from an elevation of about 500 metres at Ferny Creek and 400m at Kallista to some 200 metres at Belgrave.   Monbulk Road divides the forest into a northwest section and a southeast section.

Coming from Belgrave head towards Monbulk along the Monbulk Road. Reaching the round about before Kalista, head upwards (first exit) on Sherbrooke Road and keep going until you see the Nicholas Gardens on your right hand side. Immediately opposite from the gardens is the larger of the two car parks (without toilets), from where most Sunday runners start there sessions. Just before you reach the Nicholas Gardens, there is the Sherbrooke Forest Picnic area on you left, where there is a smaller car park, but it has drinking water and toilet facilities, as well as a good map of the area (Crossing of Sherbrooke Road and Sherbrooke Lodge Road).

Sherbrooke Forest Small Loop – 6 Kilometers – 40 Meters Elevation – Easy

Sherbrooke Forest West – Small Loop – GPX Route

Sherbrooke Forest Hill Loop – 12 Kilometers – 225 Meters Elevation – Medium

Sherbrooke Forest West – Hill Loop – GPX Route


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    June 4, 2015 12:30 pmPosted 3 years ago
    Cath Chivers

    Hi Dandyrunner,
    I wondered if I could get a copy of the picture of the forest on you web page. I would like to frame it and put it in my home. Thanks Cath.


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